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Chauffeured by Fate (A Poem)


I made no effort to be born,

but feel a hand in it all the same.

Youth foretold purpose by God

Adulthood saw pawns in a game.


To drive my destiny home,

I drink the sacrilegious dew,

But death awaits at midnight

I’m chauffeured by fate for curfew.


I want meaning to this life,

A rise, peak, and fall

For symmetry to know thy name

As well as an isosceles triangle.


And if I die along the way,

I pray I do not meet,

The person I was meant to be,

Before the tears at my wake.

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A Star-Crossed Confession (A Poem)


What it was I had, you made me forget.

As sobering as wakening from a bed wet.

Thoughts of mischief and regret.

In day I learned what the night covets.


I assumed too quickly that my ankle bruised

By the chains that bind my nightly recluse.

I did not toss unconsciously, I swooned.

And though the memories may be askew,

It is not love I lost, but you.


Now the nightly rounds are my waking obsession.

This – to you – is my star-crossed confession,

If ever you asked my transgression,

I would follow through without question.

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Average Joe’s As Judged By An Average Bill

So I sit and stare at nothing,
And it buzzes and tells me it’s cute,
And I believe it because why argue,
I’m not all that astute.
I don’t think a thought that often,
Least not one my own,
So when you show me what is cute,
I trust in what is shown.
Same in what is evil,
Same in what is good.
Same in all things big or small,
Same in all things understood.
For What I understand is this,
I understand but nigh.
Why argue with the buzzing nothing?
Why even bother,
why even try?