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Poditive Screwcast Ep.01: Consumerism and Why We Like the Things We Like

Introduction to PS

Hello and welcome!

This is our first Poditive Screwcast (a podcast by the Primitive Screwheads — see how we did a thing there?) and this features Derek Hobson, Paul Mendez and Jeffrey Kieviet.

This PS is on Consumerism and Why We Like the Things We Like.

The Music & Sounds

The music in the beginning is Warriors by Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance — which is reprised in the ending as well.

The first interlude features Only Time by Enya and the second features Boadicea which happens to be my (Derek’s) favorite.

Also, periodically, you’ll probably hear some background noises. Most I cannot confirm what they are. Paul cuts out a little in the beginning and someone was definitely moving their computer around, but otherwise the most notable is the the “Shushing” sound at one point. For the record, that was my cats, specifically Hemingway (Hemi), who I moved to the bathroom to keep her off the computer. In retaliation, she clawed the door.