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Toon Reviews: Batman v. Superman

As some of our readers may be aware, I was not a fan of the 2013 Man of Steel film. However, I was willing to watch its sequel, this year’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, partially to see how DC would launch its extended universe and mostly to satisfy my morbid curiosity.

It has been satisfied, and in as morbid a fashion as any film ever has.

I will admit, I had low expectations heading into this movie. Everything that I have read in the industry news gives me the impression that DC and Warner Brothers are barreling along with their extended universe without regard for any overarching goals or ideas – at least beyond the idea that they need to compete with Disney-Marvel. Perhaps that colored my willingness to embrace BvS purely on its own merits, but I can objectively say that was the only color I encountered in the two and a half hour slog that is this film.

Essentially, Batman v. Superman doubles down on everything I disliked about Man of Steel. It is drearier, grayer, and with even less characterization, story or purpose (beyond the need to compete with Disney-Marvel). If you liked Man of Steel, you will probably love this movie. If Man of Steel left you cold and unclean and wondering what demonic producer would willingly throw money at this ugliness, you will find no salvation in its sequel.

But, that’s my opinion. To open up my perspective a little, I politely asked director Zack Snyder if he’d let me interview him about his movie and he generously accepted. So, with no further ado, I present to you now my interview with Zack Snyder: