Author: pamendeza

Bruce Wayne Has to Count for Something Too


            Not many people realize (I think) what goes in to making a movie.  With producers, directors, actors, auditions, money, location and all the other technical aspects I don’t want to list (the reason so few people sit through the credits) there is now a huge market and it has become more of a business and less of an art form.  But that isn’t what I was asked to share with you in this entry.

I was asked for an attack, or defense, of the current castings of Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne/Batman.  If you know me you know that I don’t really assume or preconceive or move outside of neutral arguments very easily.  If you don’t know me you’ll have to take my word for it (I don’t care either way).  But know that I am trying really hard to keep opinions of influence and such out of this – trust me it’s difficult to do with my background.

With that bit of context: I am the White Rabbit to your Alice for the next few minutes and you had better believe I’m late.

…Try to keep up. (more…)

Sarcasm: A Mental Note

hugh-lorieThe United States of America – to be as clear as possible – is a funny place: viewed as extremely successful but, at least right now, not so much (my opinion also not the point).  My train of thought – on a basic level – is: the country itself is only really original in its core concepts which are built on pieces and previous ideas.  Influence is a big part of the structure.  There are a few things that are purely original in the culture (my words, not yours – don’t get angry or use an emotional outburst quite yet).

            I don’t know the history of sarcasm or where it came from but I don’t really think it’s important right now in this case.  My authorial intent, in this instance, refers to sarcasm as it has been popularized presently.  I refer to remarks that stemmed from tones and phrases like”duh,” “nooo,” “I don’t thiiiink you’re crazy,” “hint hint/wink wink”…those kinds of things.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  If not: whatever.

But the funny – or interesting – thing that is on my mind is the “invention of sarcasm” as phrased by Derek Nahigyan/Hobson (whatever last name(s) he uses).  My first thought jumped to the movie The Invention of Lying – the one with Ricky Gervais – and after that I lost interest in that sequence of thinking: it was a dead end at least for me.  Sure there were a few avenues but none of which really represent my style. (more…)