Author: Average Bill

Hi there :)

The Unison of Superfuture Electra Hearts

I haven’t posted a masher in a bit or so bros, and the reason is because I haven’t made one in a bit or so I have enjoyed and thought worth sharing. What I share this morning is my favorite to date. The vocals and words are flawless, while the style is me and varied. It drops hard and lets you dance while still saying something if you really bother to listen. There is a contradiction. It is both subtle and harsh like the A.D.D  that plagues me. This is how I listen to music. My goal as a DJ is for you to hear what I hear, and I feel this my best example of what I mean by that, at least to date.

Stay average buds and thanks for listening  🙂 !!!

Average Joe’s As Judged By An Average Bill

So I sit and stare at nothing,
And it buzzes and tells me it’s cute,
And I believe it because why argue,
I’m not all that astute.
I don’t think a thought that often,
Least not one my own,
So when you show me what is cute,
I trust in what is shown.
Same in what is evil,
Same in what is good.
Same in all things big or small,
Same in all things understood.
For What I understand is this,
I understand but nigh.
Why argue with the buzzing nothing?
Why even bother,
why even try?



Life Lessons

I made a mash up. Finally. I don’t have much to say, but its my best yet. I Do a lot of loops with the vocals and the bongo drum sound. I think it sounds sick… I am tooting my own horn…

Anyways. HERE YA GO!!!