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Jeffrey is an actor/writer/producer/director who has worked all over Orange County and LA. Favorite recent performances include "pool (no water)" by Mark Ravenhill and "Ravens & Writing Desks" by Angela Lopex and Ryan McClary. Jeffrey also recently directed "Fun and Nobody" by Howard Korder & co-directed with David Chorely "Woman in Black" adapted by Stephen Mallatratt, both at Stages Theater in Fullerton. Look out for upcoming performances of "Ravens & Writing Desks" at the Hollywood Fringe Festival with Post Mortem Movement Theatre (

Robots (2005) Review

Movie Review

By Jeffrey Kieviet



Like most of us, I was deeply disturbed by the recent death of Robin Williams. And, like most of us, I wanted to say something about it. I’m not normally as moved by the death of a celebrity, but this one hit me hard. Every friend on facebook had something to say, whether it was a comment on depression & suicide or loving memories of Hook & Aladdin. There was an article on every news site and every website claiming to be a “news” site. Every thought I wanted to express has already been said by someone else, so why bother, right? Then my grandma died a couple days ago. It gave me a little perspective. I do not yet have the words for the personal loss, maybe I’ll save that for another time. But for now, for Robin, I have some things I want to say, a venue to say it, and a loyal fan base hanging on my every word. So here’s to the grown up dad who was Peter Pan, the Genie that made all our wishes come true, and all the other broken robots who came along for the ride.

I saw Robots a couple days before Robin Williams killed himself. He clearly had a pretty heavy day. There are many movies of his I love, some I’ve probably seen hundreds of times since I was a child, and they all mean a great deal to me. This flick was meant to be a light, family film full of wacky visuals and silly characters. And now it will be the last Robin William’s movie I saw for the first time before he died. I can go back and catch all his greats that I still haven’t seen, but I’ll always be watching them knowing he is not around, not going to make any more. For a moment, let’s play with the fun and fancy-free world of the movie.


22 Jump Street (2014) Review

22 Jump Street (2014)
Movie Review
By Jeffrey Kieviet


“What Contract Dispute?”

I’m baa-aack! The little girl from Poltergeist would have been far less creepy if she were an internet phantom. Actually, she probably wouldn’t have been a little girl because most people claiming to be little girls on the internet are actually creepy old men. Who are way creepier than the little girl in Poltergeist. And we’ve come full circle.

Have you ever inspired yourself? Is that even possible? Does inspiration have to come from an outside source? I have not written much for this site in quite some time either because I couldn’t find the inspiration (or motivation. Maybe a little of both). And I’m not blaming you. I mean, as an outside source you should have been sending me brilliant visions of butterflies dancing through moonlit enchanted forests, but I’ll let you slide this time. (more…)

Sharking Bad (Episode 4)

Sharking Bad


By Jeffrey Kieviet & Casey Moriarty

“We tried to poison you. We tried to poison you because you are an insane, degenerate piece of filth and you deserve to die.”
– Walter White

“That doesn’t work. They just shit blood when you do that.”
– Casey Moriarty

… (Click here for Ep. 01; Ep. 02; Ep. 03; Shark Horse Series Bible) …

Splinter watched in horror as the little white gloves, moving in a furious flurry, reddened with the blood of the two-tailed fox.

SB4-1“I hope this insane hedgehog does not kill me,” Splinter whispered to Raphael.

“What about me?” his turtle student balked.

“I am indifferent,” said Splinter, “For you see, my beloved April is expecting.”

“Expecting what?” Raph hissed.

“A baby, dipshit,” said Splinter, “I apologize. That was inelegant.”

“Your wife is pregnant? But how?” Raph asked.

“I… Well, you see, when a woman and a gigantic mutant rat fall in love, the woman gives the gigantic rat a type of ‘special hug,’ wherein a tube is placed inside the woman’s.-“

“No, I mean, how can she be pregnant with your baby? You’re not even human!” (more…)