Author: GhostWriter

Avengers Age of Ultron Review: Running Doesn’t Always Stand for Escape


Killing this Quicksilver was the right choice.  The Quicksilver in X-Men will sell more tickets and keep more attention despite his time on-screen.  I think it’s the goggles.

As an Artist: selling out sucks.  And the line is getting blurred with each new movie from the likes of Disney, Marvel, and Sony.  I commend Joss Whedon for following up his first Avengers with a solid second.  It was damn difficult for me to avoid any new information and I have no idea what was in previews or teasers.  I saw a quick image of Iron Man in the Hulk-Buster suit and maybe some water.  Joss Whedon does good work.  People know that and people are still angry about Firefly.  Whedon knows how to write with a lot of characters. (more…)