Author: Derek Hobson

BA in English, cum laude from Concordia University "Life is Short, Live like Midgets"

The Beautiful and Damned Review: Romeo & Juliet But More Tragic

What if Romeo and Juliet did not commit suicide at the height of their mutual passion?
Knowing what I know of Fitzgerald, it’s hard for me to disassociate any love interests from Zelda; and, because I cannot disassociate Zelda from the love interest, I cannot disassociate the protagonists from Fitzgerald himself.
The effect this has on my reading of The Beautiful and Damned is the same as a first time reading of Romeo & Juliet. Trust fund teens pursue romanticized love that ostracizes that from friends and family and ends in their deaths. Except, in The Beautiful and Damned, they suffer a fate worse than death; a living death.


Lumino City iOS Review: I Don’t Want My Child To Be Molested


It may surprise some to learn that I don’t set out to hate things. With Lumino City, I can’t help it.

Not the art style. I think this 3D, Trey Parkerian construction paper look is great. I’m reminded of The Neverhood‘s claymation world, but Lumino City goes with a more “crafts” aesthetic. That is good and I hope everyone who worked on this element of the game is proud of themselves.

It’s simply the game design I can’t get behind because I don’t want my child to be molested.