Sarcasm: A Mental Note

hugh-lorieThe United States of America – to be as clear as possible – is a funny place: viewed as extremely successful but, at least right now, not so much (my opinion also not the point).  My train of thought – on a basic level – is: the country itself is only really original in its core concepts which are built on pieces and previous ideas.  Influence is a big part of the structure.  There are a few things that are purely original in the culture (my words, not yours – don’t get angry or use an emotional outburst quite yet).

            I don’t know the history of sarcasm or where it came from but I don’t really think it’s important right now in this case.  My authorial intent, in this instance, refers to sarcasm as it has been popularized presently.  I refer to remarks that stemmed from tones and phrases like”duh,” “nooo,” “I don’t thiiiink you’re crazy,” “hint hint/wink wink”…those kinds of things.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  If not: whatever.

But the funny – or interesting – thing that is on my mind is the “invention of sarcasm” as phrased by Derek Nahigyan/Hobson (whatever last name(s) he uses).  My first thought jumped to the movie The Invention of Lying – the one with Ricky Gervais – and after that I lost interest in that sequence of thinking: it was a dead end at least for me.  Sure there were a few avenues but none of which really represent my style.

Then, as most of my ideas usually come about, I took what was given to me and created something that I would enjoy working with or better use my abilities with or any variation of something that would appease or at least maintain a higher level of interest for me.

By this point I may have (or may not have) kept your attention for a few paragraphs but you still might have no idea what I’m getting at or aiming for.  And you may be wondering whether or not this is still worth your time or if it ever was (maybe because I brought it to your attention or for whatever reason).  Regardless of whether anyone is or is not reading there isn’t really a driving force for these (my) opinions in this piece that goes beyond the content itself.

Sarcasm itself is consistently changing – just as most other things – and at least as far as I have seen it seems as if its use is beginning to decline.  Maybe because of text messages or so-called hipsters or global warming – I don’t know.  And it isn’t the reason that bothers me nor is it the fact that it is being used less – I don’t really care at all.

In terms of the word and philosophy behind it however I am interested in how certain cultures use it, the kinds of sarcasm they use, and the variations that come from the progressions created by people or time.

Sarcasm often grants a kind of confidence – or maybe moreso – a sense of doubt in the victim of the sarcastic remark which then elevates the user to, in a sense, stupefy the former. Behind sarcasm there are speech patterns, contextual references, societal plug-ins, and a lot of variation that creates a seemingly artistic form of its own.  And that is where my interests lie; where my attention is gained.  If I were a fish you’d be having me for dinner with that kind of bait – maybe.

So, I guess that’s what I’m looking for: the artistry behind something; behind anything.  I wouldn’t really refer to sarcasm as an art nor a person using it as an artist but rather I would refer to it, in this case, as more of a kind of possibility or innate sense in all people.  Very similar to the idea in the movie Ratatouille that “anyone can cook,” I believe that it doesn’t take any random person to able to do something well but instead that something amazing can come from any person with the right motivations, dedications, knowledge, and skill-set.  Or something like that.

If you don’t know me – which is extremely possible – all of the things you just read probably don’t make sense or don’t really follow a logical kind of order or whatever you’re thinking.

My point – or what I am trying to achieve – here in this entry influenced by sarcasm is that here you never know what to expect and I’m definitely not going to be the one to make anything any more clear for you.

Signed, the newest “member”

Paul Mendez

February 2014

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